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2022 Pitcher Festival Kicks Off, Pitcher Awards Shortlist Released

The 2022 Pitcher Festival of Creativity has started with the the release of the Pitcher Awards shortlist. The organizers say in-person event will return in 2023, while all programmes for 2022 will proceed online. The Pitcher Awards entries were judged by 6 independent juries. The 6 jury categories include Channel, Craft, Digital, Entertainment, Good and Heritage. The Craft category is new for 2022, but according to the organizers, the category has performed well, competing favourably with other categories in terms of number of entries.

"Overall," the CEO of CHINI Africa and Chairman of the festival, Nnamdi Ndu said "we see progress in terms of quality of entries. It was quite heartwarming to hear the jurors say repeatedly, 'the standards have gone up this year'. We hope this will be sustained and that African creativity will begin to get the respect it deserves on the world stage".

The Heritage category includes entries in Film, Audio, Print, Design and Outdoor and Activations. The Channel category includes entries in Use of Media, Use of Data, Use of Insights and Strategy, PR and Reputation Management and Integrated Campaigns; while the Digital category covers works in Social Media, Messaging, Apps, Websites, Novel and devices as well as the Integrated Digital campaign, newly introduced this year. The Good category includes subcategories for work done by for Nonprofit Organizations, a second subcategory includes works done by For-Profit Organizations. Entries in Entertainment were submitted under Entertainment Film, Live Events, Sports, Comic Skits, Use of Music and Music Video.

The final of winners of the Pitcher Awards will be announced during the Pitcher Awards Show which will be streamed online by 4pm WAT on 21 May 2022.

A media forum has been scheduled by 10am on 19 May to discuss the Festival programmes and the shortlist. The attend this programme and other programmes of the Pitcher Festival, click here.


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