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A Quick Chat with Maryam Apaokagi A.k.A. Taaooma

Maryam Apaokagi popularly known as Taaooma is one of the new Nigerian comic influencers making waves on social media platforms. She plays multiple roles including Mama Tao, a no nonsense African mother that dishes out slaps at the slightest provocation, Baba Tao, her husband and Tao their teenage daughter. Recently, many of the episodes of her comic show have been dedicated to promoting brands and products. This caught our attention at Creativity Week and we thought to have a chat with her.

What would you ascribe to your huge success in such a short period of time?

It is God, Consistency and my wonderful fans.

What led you to develop an interest in doing video comedy skits?

I wanted to learn how to edit from my fiancé and if I need to do that I must use a video for practice that was how the whole editing thing started.

What would you say are the new developments in Nigerian comedy both positive and negative?

Development in positive way, there are applications and channel someone can subscribe to, to watch Nigeria comedies.

You recently reached one million followers on Instagram and you have approximately 2.1 million people coming to you for laughter on various platforms. What does this milestone and opportunity mean to you?

Actually 1.6 million on Instagram and approximately 4 million on various platforms, it means a lot to me, that is another of my family that I give God the thanks for every time.

Many brands now use social media influencers to promote their products. Why is this trend catching on?

(Smiles) This I cannot answer, you will need to ask the brands. But what I think is because everybody is going digital.

Your versatility as an actor is evident in your ability to play various roles like Iya Tao, Baba Tao, Tayo and Tao. What is your inspiration for solo performance?

African Home is my inspiration.

Having experienced other African countries like Namibia, how will you rate the creativity in the Nigerian entertainment industry compared to other parts of the continent?

Haaaa, Nigerian entertainment industry is endowed with creativity I kid you not. I see somethings online and doff hat.

We hear you’re trying to get into filmmaking. What should we be expecting and when?

Yes…..very soon.

What are your present regrets about the Nigeria entertainment industry and what are your dreams for the future?

No regrets and my dreams for the future is for the TAAOOMA brand to be global inshallah.


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