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Equipping the Next Generation of Creative Leaders

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Africa Youth Month 2020 | FCLA VirtualCampus | 2 Nov 2020

In what is expected to be a mega virtual conference, hundreds of students from various tertiary institutions across Africa are signing up for the FCLA VirutualCampus. The FCLA VirtualCampus is a special programme of the Pitcher Festival to celebrate the Africa Youth Month 2020 as designated by the African Union and is free to attend for students in universities and other tertiary institutions across the continent. The event will hold online on 2 November 2020.

About 60% of Africa's population is under the age of 25, making Africa the world's youngest continent. Any agenda for development in Africa that will be viable, must prioritize this huge segment of our population. That is why, in celebration of the Africa Youth Month 2020, the Future Creative Leaders Academy, part of the Pitcher Festival, is bringing together top professionals to engage with students in tertiary institutions across Africa and equip them with the valuable information they need to successfully take on the baton of leadership.

Creativity for Change

What are the young people in Africa doing to impact their communities and bring about positive change? What more can they do using their creativity? This is the focus of the programme segments of the FCLA VirtualCampus known as "Creativity for Change". The segments will comprise series of video presentations by some of the participating students.

The students will also have the opportunity to engage with senior industry professionals from across the continent in the following talk shows:

Youth Creativity and Nation Building

Speakers: Farhan Mirza, Creative Director, Creative, VMLY&R, Kenya, Jarred Cinman, Chief Executive Officer, VMLY&R, South Africa and Prof. Abigail Ogwezzy-Ndisika, Head of Department, Mass Communication, University of Lagos

Prepping for Roles in the Creative Industries

Speakers: Stephen Onaivi, Managing Director, mediaReach OMD, Accra, Ghana, Max Ngari, Executive Creative Director, Dentsu Kenya. and Professor Olusola Oyero, Communication and Media Studies, Anchor University, Lagos.

Leveraging the Uniqueness of the African Experience

Speakers: Emuron Alemu, GCD Ogilvy Africa, Kenya, Nnenna Onyewuchi, Director of Strategy, Yellow Brick Road, Lagos, Nigeria and Venus Tawiah, Director of Business Development, Now Available Africa, Ghana

In-depth learning on various topics will also be covered by senior professionals under the segments called FCLA Classroom. To participate in the programme register here.


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