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APCON Declares Support for 2019 Future Creative Leaders Academy

As students from tertiary institutions in campuses across West and Central Africa are warming up to participate in the Creativity Week flagship academy, the Future Creative Leaders Academy, the Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria has once again pledged its support for the academy.

The Acting Registrar of APCON, Ijedi Ayoha rpa, has said that “as entries for the 2019 Future Creative Leaders Academy opens, we look forward, with excitement, to the participation of candidates from APCON-accredited departments in universities and polytechnics across Nigeria.” She further said “We are encouraged by the exposure the Academy gives Nigerian students aspiring to venture into Advertising career and the impact the experience leaves in the minds of the participants. We look forward to meeting with the students in March 2019, even as we congratulate CHINI Africa for continuing to provide the platform.”

In 2008, APCON commenced its partnership with the Academy by facilitating the Academy competitions. As the academy expanded, APCON also stepped up its partnership role with the Academy. From 2010, APCON began to sponsor the winning students to participate in the Roger Hatchuel Academy in Cannes and later adding the Lynx Academy in Dubai for the first runner-up. Beyond the prizes for the top winners, the 3 days of fun, excitement, learning and professional immersion that all the students enjoy is truly an experience of a lifetime, as all the participating students testify.

According to Nnamdi Ndu, Cannes Lions representative in Nigeria and Managing Director of CHINI Africa, organizers of the event “Nothing gives us more joy than to see average Nigerian kids gain access to opportunities that in our environment are usually reserved only for the most privileged. We can’t thank APCON enough for making this possible, year after year.”

Registration is now open at for participation in the 2019 Future Creative Leaders Academy. The academic staff of the participating institutions are not left out. The Academy rewards the best lecturer of the year with a cash prize of N100,000 and the best participating institution goes home with the School of the Year trophy. In 2018, Professor Abigail Ogwezzy-Ndisika emerged as the top lecturer, while the University of Ibadan took the trophy as the best participating school.


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