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Cannes Lions Releases Annual Ranking of Most Creative Businesses and People

Official rankings are presented alongside insights, analysis, and interviews with Lion-winning creators, uncovering what it takes to produce the highest-ranking work in the world

The LIONS Creativity Report has been released on 14 September 2022 and is available to everyone for free through LIONS’ insights and intelligence platform, The Work. The annual report is the definitive rankings for creative excellence in branded communications, and provides insights, analysis and interviews with Lion-winning creators.

Speaking about the report, Simon Cook, CEO, LIONS, said, “It's a celebration and also a tool for future success. The official global creativity rankings provide a definitive benchmark for the industry, accompanied by insights and commentary from our winners and the talented experts who judged the work this year. I would like to congratulate everyone who ranked this year. Together, they set the global benchmark for creativity.”

The LIONS Creativity Report presents four Regional Network of the year awards and 11 global awards: Creative Company, Network, Agency, Independent Agency, Creative Brand and Palme d’Or, as well as Health Network, Health Agency, Media Network, Agency by Track, and Independent Agency by Track of the Year. The creative rankings also include the top performing Director, Art Director, Creative Director and Copywriter.

Also included in the report is analysis and insights from the winning work and lessons on how brands are growing businesses and tackling some of the world’s most challenging problems in innovative ways. The themes covered include: Creativity for Growth; Scalable Solutions; Craft with a Conscience; Tech in Service to the Idea; and Invite Everybody.

Newly released, the official people rankings are announced as follows (full rankings are found within the report):

Creative Director of the Year:

1=. Aabhaas Shreshtha, Dentsu Creative, Bengaluru, India

1=. Amey Chodankar, Dentsu Creative, Bengaluru, India

1=. Ashwin Palkar, Dentsu Creative, Bengaluru, India

1=. Binaifer Dulani, Dentsu Creative, Bengaluru, India

1=. Geetika Sood, Dentsu Creative, Bengaluru, India

1=. Kushal Lalvani, Dentsu Creative, Bengaluru, India

2. Eduardo Tavares, Area 23, an IPG Health Network Company, New York, USA

3=. Andrey Tyukavkin, Publicis Italy, Milan

3=. Eoin Sherry, Publicis Italy, Milan

Director of the Year:

1=. Ronak Chugh, Freelance, Bengaluru, India

1=. Sergio Rapu, Freelance, Bengaluru, India

2. Bryan Buckley, HUNGRY MAN, Los Angeles, USA

3=. Lieven Anthonise, eRACINGTV, Dordrecht, The Netherlands

3=. Sidney Van Wichelen, Freelance, St-Niklaas, The Netherlands

3=. Witten Anthonise, eRACINGTV, Dordrecht, The Netherlands

Art Director of the Year:

1=. Karthik Nambiar, DENTSU CREATIVE, Bengaluru, India

1=. Manasi Sheth, DENTSU CREATIVE, Bengaluru, India 1=. Sachin Ghanekar, PURPLE FOCUS, Bengaluru, India

1=. Tanya Paul, DENTSU CREATIVE, Bengaluru, India

1=. Vaishakh Kolaprath, DENTSU CREATIVE, Bengaluru, India

2. Katie DiNardo, LEO BURNETT, Chicago, USA

3. Sofia Gahn, LEO BURNETT, Chicago, USA

Copywriter of the Year:

1=. Farishte Irani, DENTSU CREATIVE, Bengaluru, India

1=. Meghna Yesudas, DENTSU CREATIVE, Bengaluru, India

2. MacKenzie Hart, LEO BURNETT / MISCHIEF @ NO FIXED ADDRESS, Chicago / New

York, USA

3. Kelley Barrett, LEO BURNETT, Chicago, USA

The rankings are compiled using data from Lion-winning and shortlisted work from 2022. PwC is LIONS’ Process Integrity Partner and is responsible for independently confirming due process in the calculation and reporting of the Special Awards rankings listed in the LIONS Creativity Report.

The LIONS Creativity Report is powered by The Work, the LIONS intelligence and insights platform that houses 250,000 pieces of work along with how it was briefed, researched, produced and crafted. Access the full report, for free, here.

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