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Egypt Kickstarts '1m Entrepreneurs' Campaign

Egypt's Ministry of Planning and Economic Development has launched a hybrid campaign under the name of ‘One Million Entrepreneurs’. The Minister of Planning and Economic Development, Hala EL-Said stated that entrepreneurship has an important role in economic growth as it can provide creative solutions to economic challenges.

"Since entrepreneurship became a part of the economy and part of its growth, it is important to support it as young entrepreneurs’ small projects can be effective and can contribute to achieving development. Entrepreneurship can solve existing problems in the market by creating new projects or new products."

Dubbed ‘Rowad 2030’, the project’s goal is to spread the culture of entrepreneurship among the youth using a variety of mixed media communication. The government will also provide all applying entrepreneurs with all the materials and skills they need to plan their projects. The campaign will enable them to transform their ideas into real on-ground projects.

The training program is online and applicants will be under the supervision of trainers at the highest level. Also, the programs for entrepreneurship will be in both Arabic and English and the trainee will receive a certificate of completion when they complete the program. Participants can register through:


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