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Pitcher Festival Appoints Miriam Waititu as Dean of Young Professionals Academy 2024

The Pitcher Festival of Creativity has announced the appointment of Miriam Waititu, Account Director, Dentsu Creative, Kenya as the Dean of the Young Professionals Academy 2024. Miriam is a seasoned marketing professional recognized for her innovative contributions and ability to transform creative ideas into award-winning campaigns. Throughout her career, she has had the privilege of working alongside some of the greatest creative minds in the industry and has consistently delivered exceptional results and garnered numerous accolades both locally and regionally for her creative work.

Commenting on her appointment, Miriam said, “I look forward to my role as the Dean of the 2024 Young Professionals Academy as a rare opportunity to challenge and motivate upcoming leaders in our industry across Africa to seize the moment, take advantage of all the benefits that the academy is set to deliver and press on towards the mark excellence.”

The Young Professionals Academy is a learning program for young professionals working in areas such as advertising, brand management, digital communications, copywriting, art direction, and marketing communications in general. The academy is open to professionals of 30 years or younger. The academy annually hosts the national Young Lions Competitions and the Young Pitcher Competitions.

Chairman of the Pitcher Festival of Creativity, Dr. Nnamdi Ndu said, “The young professionals are the foot soldiers of today and the C-suites of tomorrow. Indeed, they are the life of the business. I trust that with Miriam’s leadership, the participants will have a highly rewarding and memorable experience.”

Miriam’s expertise extends beyond creativity to include exceptional client service management skills and an outstanding background in Integrated media. She has successfully woven innovative concepts into comprehensive media campaigns, ensuring a seamless fusion of creativity and targeted audience engagement. Her commitment to pushing creative boundaries has not only resulted in successful campaigns but also the creation of memorable brand narratives through storytelling.

Miriam is passionate about exploring new avenues for creativity and staying at the forefront of industry trends to make a lasting impact on brands and audiences alike. When not working, she enjoys wellness and fitness, globetrotting, and is a mother of three.

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