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How to Identify Creative Opportunities with Folakemi Philips

As part of the pitcher festival activities, Chief Storytelling Officer, Wordslingers, Folakemi Phillips, yesterday, drilled the contestants at the Future Leaders Creative Academy (FCLA), on how to properly maximise creative opportunities around them.

According to the seasoned expert, it is important to build a personal brand before milking creative opportunities around you.

She harped on the need for young creatives to be savvy of the trends and platforms, as they are important to "learning the rules."

According to her, "key ways of harnessing opportunities as a creative includes being knowledgeable - read books, watch movies, listen to songs and be aware of the trends, being inquisitive, being passionate about your craft."

She also explained that it was crucial to always be inquisitive by thinking about solutions to existing problems.

On personal branding, she further noted that constantly showcasing knowledge and portfolio, as a creative in any chosen field, using the social media is a very important way to grow your network and establish yourself as a creative.

The FCLA is an intensive professional immersion programme for students in tertiary institutions who intend to take up careers in advertising and related fields on graduation. It has also been a pathway to the Cannes Lions Roger Hatchuel Academy in France and the Google Campus in Mountainview, California, USA.


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