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Pitcher Festival Partners with Godmother Romania for FCLA 2024 Creative Cultural Exchange Programme

Pitcher Festival of Creativity is pleased to announce the collaboration with Godmother, Romania to organize a creative cultural exchange programme with the youths of Romania and the Future Creative Leaders Academy (FCLA). The programme will provide a platform for intensive learning, discovering talents, as well as inspiring and immersing hopeful professionals into the world of advertising and marketing communications.

The programme to be held in partnership with Godmother, a Romanian advertising agency with over 25 years’ experience and a team of senior professionals will include cultural exchange sessions, presentations on advertising and marketing communications, a group activity to create a joint advertising campaign, and a creative workshop.

Alice Gavril, Managing Partner at Godmother, said, "Partnering with Pitcher Festival for the FCLA 2024 Creative Cultural Exchange Programme is an exciting opportunity to bridge cultures, inspire talents, and shape the future of the way we see advertising and creativity in all its forms. We, at Godmother, believe in the power of collaboration, as exemplified in our collaboration with other agencies as members of the European professional group, 27 Names. We look forward to fostering creativity and innovation through this unique initiative.”

The programme is designed to provide an opportunity for the participants to learn about each other’s cultures, share their knowledge and experiences, and develop their skills in advertising and marketing communications. The programme will also help to promote cultural exchange and understanding.

Dr. Nnamdi Ndu, Chairman, Pitcher Festival of Creativity said, “We’re excited to work with Godmother to make FCLA 2024 a great success. We believe that diversity fuels creativity and we’re eagerly looking forward to the ideas and relationships that this cultural fusion will birth.”

The Future Creative Leaders Academy, now in its 17th year is an intensive professional immersion programme organized annually for students in tertiary institutions who intend to take up careers in advertising and related fields on graduation and has been a pathway to the Cannes Lions Roger Hatchuel Academy in France.

The 2024 Dean of the Future Creative Leaders Academy, Ngozi Akinyele, said, "This cultural exchange programme will be a defining moment in the careers of the 2024 FCLA participants. It offers the unique opportunity to gain exposure to global perspectives on creativity and innovation in advertising, setting the stage for their professional journeys even before they begin.”

The 2024 Future Creative Leaders Academy programme will take place online from 19 – 22 March 2024. For more information about Pitcher Festival and the Future Creative Leaders Academy, visit


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