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Polaris Bank Debuts Digital Banking Platform

Polaris Bank has launched its much-anticipated digital banking platform, VULTe. According to its Chairman, Muhammad Ahmad, the launch of VULTe is in line with the corporate goal of the bank to offer customers and non-customers 24-hour services. According to him, the launch of the digital platform is a milestone and a vindication of the bank as a strong and digitally-led retail brand.

“When we started the Polaris journey almost three years ago, we were very clear on the type of bank we must build and the direction we must go.” This was largely informed by the fast pace of change in financial service provisioning and the apparent technology-defined outlook of our business.

“We are, therefore, bringing VULTe to the market place. And this is not another mobile app, but one with a world of difference, a mobile digital bank.This is your bank in your hand, affording you total control of your financial service needs. With VULTe, you serve yourself, the way you want to be served,” Ahmad said.

Acting Managing Director, Polaris Bank Limited, Mr. Innocent Ike said the new platform is returning all powers to the customer as king.

He noted that customers were at liberty to enjoy unhindered, contactless and refreshing banking experience all at the tip of their fingers thanks to the newly launched VULTe app. “With VULTe, we affirm our resolve to serve the customer better and make their banking experience, more pleasurable. Therefore, we will continue to launch an array of banking products to cater to the varying needs of our diverse customers,” Ike said.

According to him, VULTe represents Polaris Bank’s bold declaration to hand over control of banking services to customers and allow them to serve themselves as they would want to be served.

“As a Polaris Bank customer, you are at liberty to determine your banking experience since we have put the bank in your hand 24/7. You now have total control to serve yourself; it’s no more customer service but customer self-service.

“Are you opening an account, setting limits on your account, verifying your identity documents, registering your biometrics, making inquiries, taking an instant loan? You are in total control – you do it at your time, at your convenience, and on your terms – you determine how delightful your banking experience will be,” Ike said.

The highlight of the launching was the practical demonstration of the uniqueness of the VULTe application by the bank’s Chief Digital Officer, Mr. Bamidele Adeyinka to the excited guests.

He explained that VULTE comes in mobile-Android and iOS and web applications and it allows customers with either of the options, to access banking services at the click of the button.


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