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Roadmap To Account Planning By Kelvin Onyeka

Updated: May 24, 2021

Brand strategist, Kelvin Onyeka of Insight Publicis, as part of the 2021 Pitcher Festival activities, trained the Future Creatives Leaders Academy (FCLA) participants, on becoming efficient account planners for ad agencies.

Onyeka, who gave a detailed presentation via Zoom webinar, explained the concept of account planning, adding that the pilot of every successful ad campaign is the creative brief.

He also explained the processes needed to outline a successful brief.

"Today's advertising is about building a relationship with the consumers. Account planning is about bringing the consumer's perspective into a communication roadmap.

"When analysing your creative brief it is important that you conduct a thorough market analysis, understand the objective of the communication campaign, study your target audience for their demography and psychography, and finally develop a sturdy primary unique selling point or proposition, which must be relevant, meaningful to the consumer and distinctive from the competition."

Onyeka further showed the contestants video examples of campaigns that featured emotive unique propositions.

The FCLA is an intensive professional immersion programme for students in tertiary institutions who intend to take up careers in advertising and related fields on graduation. It has also been a pathway to the Cannes Lions Roger Hatchuel Academy in France and the Google Campus in Mountainview, California, USA.


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