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Some of the Campaigns Firing Up Our Mood this Season

John Lewis and Waitrose Christmas Ad with Excitable Edgar

John Lewis Christmas ads have become somewhat part of the British pop culture and every year people look forward to their festive ad with excitement. This year John Lewis teamed up with their sister company Waitrose to produce the festive ad.

It tells the story of a young dragon called Excitable Edgar and his friendship with a young girl named Ava. Excitable Edgar was facing a serious embarrassing situation with the fire that gushed out his nostrils every time he got excited. As you can guess this was quite often and why he is called Excitable Edgar. In the process, Edgar melts the ice rink as they go skating, melts the snowman and burns up the village Christmas decorations. Ultimately though, his fiery excitement was put to good use with the gifting of a Christmas pudding by Ava.

The ad is set to the music, 'Can’t fight this feeling' by REO Speedwagon, re-recorded by Dan Smith of the Bastille band.

Amazon Singing Boxes

The 2019 Amazon Christmas ad is a continuation of their singing boxes which they have done consecutively for 3 years now. In the Amazon festive ad the boxes are singing to Solomon Burke’s classic track 'Everybody Needs Somebody to Love'. The ad features happy people singing and dancing with the Amazon boxes.

Apple's Emotional Christmas Ad

This one from Apple is a tear jerker. A grandpa, most likely recently bereaved of his wife is visited by his grandchildren and their parents. He is constantly irritated by the usual playfulness of the children. The constant warnings by their parents that they were upsetting grandpa makes the children sad and they look for ways of brightening up the atmosphere.

They dig into the family's video tapes archive to create a flick-through family album with an iPad. They wrap up the iPad and present to their grandfather as Christmas present.

Seeing the video of his wife brings tears to grandpa's eyes as he waves at her. The rest of the family gathers around and hugs him as he says “Absolutely brilliant both of you, thank you”.

WWF Adopt A Better Future Christmas Ad

The WWF Christmas campaign focuses on challenges facing wildlife as a result of deforestation.

The ad was created by the agency Uncommon, London and uses stop-motion animation to show the plight of the jaguar. It features a young girl trying to rally a crowd to protect the threatened jaguar as it flees deforestation. The ad ends with the girl in her bedroom, where there is a charcoal drawing of a jaguar that has been created using charcoal from trees destroyed in a rain forest fire. This shows that we can save the species just by sponsoring them.

Turkey vs Potato, The Ultimate Roast Battle ad by The Greenpeace

In keeping with its yearly tradition, Greenpeace is breaking the norm again in 2019 by throwing an "alternative" spot into the Christmas ad mix. The Greenpeace 2019 Christmas ad aims to highlight the link between eating turkey and deforestation.

It is inspired by the ‘comedy roast battle’ format in the UK and is set in a comedy club. The battle sees Turkey and Potato take on each other until Potato launches a knockout punch by exposing Turkey’s role in deforestation as it is fed on soya grown in South America.


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