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South Africa’s BCX Digital Innovation Awards 2021 Calls For Entries

BCX is calling on all businesses to enter the BCX Digital Innovation Awards 2021. BCXDIA recognizes organisations that transform their businesses through technological advancements and digital transformation despite challenging times.

Jonas Bogoshi, CEO of BCX says, “Post-pandemic, the companies that embrace innovation will be best placed to unlock post-crisis growth. For many industries, the future is now. These short-term solutions to deal with the crisis will become the norm for many as businesses, particularly the more vulnerable SMEs, look to crisis-proof their operations and grow.”

Organisations can enter one of two categories: Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) Digital Innovation Award - This category is for South African SMEs who have been in operation for more than one year and who are currently employing more than five people and earning less than R50m in revenue. Part of the prize for the winner of this category is a potential partnership agreement with BCX.

Corporate Enterprise Digital Innovation Award - This category is for large South African enterprises with an existing employee base of 200 or more. Part of the prize for the winner of this category is the BCX Innovation programme.

The awards are open to South African enterprises which meet the following requirements: · Entrants must be South African SMEs or Corporates · SME entries are open to enterprises that have been in business for more than one year, employ five or more people, or have an annual turnover of up to R50m. · Corporate entries are open to enterprises that employ more than 200 employees. · All digital innovation entries must have been deployed between 2017 and the date of competition entry.

· Digital innovations entered must currently be in operation. · Entrants must demonstrate how they have made use of technology to innovate. · A business challenge, and a typed description of the value proposition. · The Digital Innovation Solution – a write-up describing how the business challenge was solved through digital innovation. This must include applicable visuals, reports, and timelines where available. The team that was involved in the project must also be named. · Results/outcomes – a write-up of the results or outcomes of the project.


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