The Main Goal of Advertising is not to Sell Things?

Speaker: Thomas Kolster, International Speaker and Author of Goodvertising

Thomas Kolster, International Speaker and Author of Goodvertising was at Creativity Week 2019 to share his passion on how brands can be creative and yet show that they truly care about people and the environment. He was part of the jury for the Young Pitcher Integrated Competition and a keynote speaker at Creating a Better Africa programme. In this presentation, he shares with a group of delegates at the event that the most important goal for advertising is not to sell things, but to build brands that people love. He described a 3-case scenario. The first is what he called the ostrich scenario, where brands hid away their heads in the sand and pretended that there was no problem. The second scenario is about brands pretending to care but obviously not doing things correctly. The third scenario is about brands that are truly caring and authentic.

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