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Thomas Kolster to Prepare Participants for Global Young Lions Competition

Thomas Kolster, speaker, Cannes Lions Juror and author of The Hero Trap and Goodvertisng, has expressed interest in working with Pitcher Festival's Young Professionals Academy participants in 2024 to prepare them for the Cannes Global Young Lions Competition. This brings a big addition to the programme, mentorship opportunities, and the invaluable feedback that participants receive on their work.

The Young Professionals Academy (YPA) welcomes professionals of up to 30 years working in areas such as Advertising, Brand Management, Digital Communications, Copywriting, Art Direction and Marketing Communications in general from across Africa. The Young Professionals Academy hosts the first leg of the Young Lions Competitions. Winners will represent their countries in the Global Young Lions Competitions during the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity in France. The Young Professionals Academy also hosts the Young Pitcher Competitions. The Young Pitcher Competitions rewards exceptional individual talent and skill in areas such as Copywriting, Design, Media, and Digital.

To join the Young Professionals Academy, click here.


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