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UK Digital Tech Firm, Swype Global, Begins 'Swypatune' Music Contest in Nigeria

A UK digital tech startup, Swype Global, has announced the debut of Swypatune Nigeria Series 1.

Swypatune is the world’s first dedicated digital contest and pitching platform.

The app offers aspiring artists a new way to contest and win amazing cash prizes and the opportunity to be discovered, just by downloading the app, signing up, and uploading their content from their mobile devices.

The general public gets to vote for their favourite artists while also standing the chance to win fantastic prizes.

The Founder and Chief Executive of Swype Global, Dr. Peter Atorough, said: “Our mission is to harness the possibilities of digital mobile technologies and expand access to opportunity for people who live anywhere, wherever there is a connection.”

He listed some of the benefits of joining the Swypatune Naija contest to include winning cash prizes, while the ultimate winner gets N10million cash with a recording deal. Voters will also get the opportunity to win Swypatune credit coins that can be redeemed for offers on the app.

Atorough added that contestants get a chance to work with renowned producers on the continent and win multiple cash prizes from a prize pot of N20 million.


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