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UN Calls on Creatives Around the World to Help with COVID-19 Campaign

The world is indeed facing a massive challenge and in a move to find solutions, the United Nations has issued an open brief to creatives around the world to help combat fears and misinformation regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, " We are in an unprecedented situation and the normal rules no longer apply. We cannot resort to the usual tools in such unusual times. The Creativity of the response must match the unique nature of the crisis - and the magnitude of the response must match its scale."

As COVID-19 spreads to various corners of the world, the United Nations wishes to preemptively communicate with those communities who can still avoid or minimize an outbreak. This is the first time that the UN will be launching an open brief to co-opt creatives around the world to help solve a problem. In doing this, the UN is inviting creators, influencers, talent networks, media owners and anyone who can take the messages and bring their own magic to them by giving it a creative twist, a cultural quirk, an interpretation which helps amplify them to audiences they're yet to reach.

The UN has also identified 6 key areas of public activation, which they have termed "mini-briefs". These are:

1. Personal hygiene

2. Social distancing

3. Know the symptoms

4. Kindness contagion

5. Myth busting

6. Do more, donate

Expected deliveratbles include: Video, Graphics, Audio, Activation and Solidarity Ideas.

Please see full brief here


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