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Xtraordinary Xperience

It's been an awesome journey so far. From the moment Young Pitcher Integrated Competition Winners were announced, I knew what would come would either be a SINK or Conquer & Excel aftermath. The latter was the case, Creativity week 2018 gave me a platform to excel. From the first day till the end, I learnt a lot, had superb exposure and it has really impacted on my job execution and deliverables at work. Fast forward, the Young Pitcher Integrated Competition gives winners the opportunity to travel to experience firsthand The Dubai Lynx Festival. We left Nigeria on the 9th of March 2019 and was on the other side of the world in approximately 7 hrs 45 mins.

Dubai lynx festival was remarkable, Creativity week 2018 set the ball rolling, so it was easy for me to associate myself with the line of events and got settled in quickly. From the Dubai Lynx App, to the amazing entries submitted for different categories (Lynx Competition, Nice lectures by C.E.Os of Giant companies and great Global agencies, and the Love we got for being Nigerian (Everybody loved us and our Attires) we got more than we bargained for. Seeing Steve Harvey Live on Stage was my best moment because I've always been a fan. Not leaving out the accommodation, as it was awesome and I really want to thank CHINI Productions for the opportunity and the quintessential treatment I had throughout my stay in Dubai.

And the euphoria continues at Creativity Week 2019.

By Bennett Akpomedaye

Winner, Young Pitcher Integrated Competition 2018


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