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Cannes Lions Bans Russia

A Statement from LIONS in support of the people of Ukraine and other affected members of the community

We stand together with our friends in Ukraine, and our many partners and community members in Russia who strongly oppose the actions of the Russian Government.

Despite our desire to celebrate creativity from wherever it comes, we have made the decision not to accept submissions or delegations from Russian organisations into Cannes Lions or its associated awards programmes.

As an immediate action, Ascential and LIONS will make a significant donation to humanitarian charities working in the affected region.

In addition, while we recognise that this is only a small gesture, we will welcome free of charge any and all Ukraine creatives who are able to attend Cannes Lions. Refunds on awards submissions for Ukraine agencies will also be honoured.

A talent directory for affected members of the creative community has been established on the LIONS platform, we encourage the global community to commission and support our friends during these troubled times. Affected members of our community can create a profile here.

Our thoughts go out to the people of Ukraine and other affected members of the community at this extremely difficult time.

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