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Grooming Brand Love with Webcoupers

Among the list of activities to mark the 2021 Pitcher Festival of Creativity, the Young Professionals Academy seminar became a breeding ground for attendees to gain first-hand knowledge on how to boost brand loyalty and fan-love using online content-creation and influencer marketing. Nigerian-based marketing agency, Webcoupers, represented by Tiarahan Oghenejode, Jimi Osheidu, and Stanley Ogwaro showed the young creatives how to build favourability, trust and impact. Leading the discussion, Oghenejode explained that it is necessary to understand that building trust requires showing your clients behind the scenes of your business operations. She also mentioned that social advocacy also helps to put a human personality behind the brand and boosts engagement with the audience. She further harped on the need to maximize trend engagement by hopping on the latest technologies, e.g., reels, tiktoks, etc., as well as creating nostalgia with your brand. Osheidu supported by explaining that selecting the right media was vital to the success of growing and sustaining brand love among the audience. He mentioned some key media channels to include: Google, YouTube, among others.


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