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Pitcher Academies Begin 2021 Competitions

The Future Creative Leaders Academy and Young Professionals Academy programmes of the Pitcher Festival of Creativity received their competition briefing on 3 May 2021.

The students from a total of about 15 tertiary institutions participating in the Future Creative Leaders Academy also known as FCLA were asked to create an intervention idea on behalf of “Creating a Better Africa” to address the issue of Vaccine hesitancy in Africa especially in the current fight against COVID-19. While the Young Professionals were tasked with creating campaigns also on behalf of Creating a Better Africa to inspire businesses and business personalities to take a stand on issues that promote Good Governance in the communities and regions where they operate.

Creating a Better Africa is the advocacy arm of Pitcher Festival of Creativity. The goal of the programme is to mobilize the private sector towards greater participation in development projects in Africa. Creating a better Africa believes that although governments must continually be held accountable, but only a massive intervention from the private sector can produce the kind of rapid developmental change that everyone wants to see in the African region.

Furthermore, Creating a Better Africa believes in the interconnectivity of humans and that actions and inactions of people have a ripple effect and can ultimately have a global consequence.

Winners of the Future Creative Leaders Academy will be announced 22 May 2021 during the Pitcher Festival of Creativity. Prizes include individual prizes for top 3 performing students and recognition as "Best Lecturer of the Year" for the supervising lecturer of the top winner. While the participating school with the highest aggregate score by its delegates will win the "Best School of the Year Award".

Winners in the Young Professionals category will be announced on 10 May 2021 and they will proceed to represent their respective countries in their various categories of participation at the Global Young Lions Competitions beginning 24 May 2021. The competitions were held in Film, Design, Digital, Print and Media categories.


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