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Promise Oduh Breaks Down Media Planning at Young Professionals Academy Programme

MediareachOMD strategist, Promise Oduh, joined the lineup of professionals to tutor the attendees at the Young Professionals Academy, held in commemoration of the 2021 Pitcher Festival of Creativity, during the week.

From the conceptualization of Media planning to the strategies to media planning, Oduh broke the concepts in a piecemeal fashion to the attendees at the webinar.

Oduh emphasized the importance of research when doing Media Planning.

He said, “Advert media planning always starts with a plan. What are the complexities, solutions and costs? Always go beyond numbers; be innovative and solve problems. Creative media planning should start with quantitative proof but it should go beyond numbers. Are you exposing the brand to platforms that are frequently viewed?

“Are you scheduling your adverts at the time-belts viewed by your audience mostly? Have you done a proper audience analysis, to understand when they watch the platforms you are advertising on the most? Have you considered their demographic and psychographic?”

He also harped on the need to have a proper ‘flighting’ pattern.

According to him, “For a media plan to be creative, you must understand whether you are starting heavily upscheduling, using share of voice, geographic market weighting, among others.”

Oduh also cautioned the attendees to be careful with creating post-evaluation scorecards for their campaigns. According to him, the campaign must indicate a market and media update, a category competitive landscape and review, a client brand activity review, a buying performance review and learnings for future planning.

Oduh said that the effectiveness of a good media planning could be thwarted by a poor post-campaign analysis, despite the successes recorded in the campaign .


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